About Us


Straight From UK was born in London, UK in 2013. Initially it was created out of necessity to survive living in UK as a student family. At first, we sold kitchenware brands like Tefal, Kitchenaid, Kenwood, Portmeirion to Malaysian just to pay off some loans back home.


We use the tag line “straight from uk!” in our personal facebook page to grab some sales from our family and friends mostly. Then, when we realized things are getting serious, we make a proper Facebook Business page by the name Straight From UK or SFUK.


Not long after, a customer was requesting a Furla handbag in Bicester Village Outlet and I dont know a thing about women’s handbag! (Im a guy). So i learnt from my wife and try to post some pictures of designer handbags in my Facebook page. The rest was history….


We come back to Malaysia in 2015, registered an enterprise company and it is my fulltime job up until now (my wife works in a general hospital though). We build business from bottom slowly, and thanks to all the support, we are now a registered LLP company.


We realized that social media is important to drive our sales, but an e-commerce website is really the most important for overall sales management and customer reach. Please support this page, promote and use our e-commerce platform for your future purchases.